Fumigation services in yaba

Dolmic Gold International is a professional pest control and fumigation services in yaba Lagos.

For all your pest control needs, whether it’s rodent, bird, insect, or termite removal, our team of qualified exterminators are available 24/7 for emergency services.


Fumigation services in yaba Lagos are expensive and inconsistent. In response, we’ve created a cheaper, more reliable alternative that delivers excellent results in 10 minutes or less. Our fumigators are equipped with the latest technology and adhere to rigorous safety guidelines. We’re providing a full range of services, from interior to exterior fumigation, drop-offs to same-day service, and more.

Get your house fumigated and cleaned from the sweat and grime from Lagos’ busy streets with our professional cleaners who will leave your home looking bright and shiny.

Fumigation services in yaba Lagos

Our team is made up of professionals across the globe. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and attention to detail. Our professional exterminators and cleaners are well-trained and certified in a wide range of services. We offer a free cleaning trial and a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Fumigation services in sabo,yaba, akoka, Shomolu, bariga, ebute Metta Lagos

Lagos is one of the most populous cities in Africa. With over 25 million people living in the city, it is difficult for property owners to be able to hire enough workers to clean their homes, which can often cause unsanitary conditions. Our service offers affordable rates that are guaranteed for hygiene standards and ensures your home is cleaned and fumigated properly. We send out professional cleaners who specialize in residential cleaning and fumigation, pet care, and more!

Our company offers a unique service that takes the hassle out of home cleaning while giving our clients peace of mind. Our team is made up of professional cleaners who provide 24/7 service. We use only eco-friendly products and offer free pick-up and delivery. We also provide weekly deep-clean services for a small fee. Our clients include large corporations, government agencies, and private companies from around the world! https://www.mea-markets.com/winners/dolmic-gold-international/

With the population of Lagos projected to hit 18 million by 2050, cleaning services will become a necessity. Our company offers a full-service cleaning and fumigation services in Lagos, Nigeria’s largest city by population, with over 15 years of experience. We offer our customers 24/7 availability and fast response time.http://dgicleaningservices.com.ng